Aesop for Entrepreneurs

Aesop for Entrepreneurs combines Aesop's ancient fables with the spirit of modern entrepreneurship and provides guidance on how to start and operate a successful business venture.

Learn about entrepreneurship with Aesop's fables!

For many of Aesop’s fables, this book offers lessons that are important for success as an entrepreneur. Aesop’s stories are more than only children stories or moral lessons, together they're a wonderful experiential learning roadmap for acquiring the positive mindset and entrepreneurial spirit to successfully build and manage a new business venture. As in the real world, Aesop's characters are confronted with difficult challenges and problems which they must overcome with the help of creative, rational, tactical and strategic solutions and decision-making actions.

The Dolphins, the
Whale and the Sprat
The Bat and the Weasel
The Hawk and
the Nightingale
The Northwind and
the Sun
The Mice in Council
Aesop and
the Shipbuilders

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